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Realpower Magnetic Industry Co.,limited is a professional magnetic tool designer and manufacture with 10 years experiences in China, offering over 20 various kinds of magnetic tools especially electro-permanent magnetic chuck, permanent magnetic chuck, lifting magnet. Those products are widely used for CNC machine, traditional machine, mould machining, warehouse,industry field and many mechancal process etc.

Realpower Magnetic Industry is monthly output up to 500 sets EP-chucks,permanent magnetic chuck and lifting magnets. We are thus able to apply considerable technology and know-how to the design and manufacturing of today’s most efficient and reliable magnetic tools. We are very proud of Electro-permanent magnetic chuck developed by our company, and our customers all over the world have had great success with it. We are the best manufacturer that you can trust in China.

Realpower Magnetic Industry will do "high-accuracy high-quality high-efficient" to satisfy the most customers.Welcome for any information!

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