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Realpower Magnetic Industry Co.,limited. is a round permanent magnetic chuck manufacturer produces magnetic tools magnetic clamp and magnetic assembles. We can design many magnetism clamps, supply magnetism system designing, subject designing and consultation of magnetism materials. Company’s professional knowledge can offer the best help and service to the backward customers. The custom round permanent magnetic chucks products are used for electrical machine, mechanisms, mould, machining, etc industry field and many mechanisms. They are also used for family, office, marketed.

Round permanent magnetic chuck
With fine parallel pole pitch P = 2. mm,Pole pitch: steel 1.5 mm, brass 0.5 mm
Use:Clamping of small and thin...

Round permanent magnetic chuck
With fine parallel pole pitch P = 4 mm,
Use:Clamping of small and thin
to medium-sized workpieces....

circle permanent magnetic chuck
For workpieces that are difficult to clamp.
Extremely high holding force combined with...

circle permanent magnetic chucks
with radial pole arrangement
use for cylindrical and ring-shaped workpieces.High holding force. Concentric grooves to simplify workpiece alignment. Through hole possible up to maximum diameter...

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