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Electro-Permanent Magnetic Chuck For Plastic Injection Machine

magnetic tool Magnetic platens were processing on CNC with a Block plate, more compact , more rigid , more firmly.

Through Holes
The mounting holes for installation and the through holes for ejectors clearance on the moving platens and injection nose hole
Proximity Sensors
An inductive proximity sensor located in the “neutral” area detects the presence of the mold to enable the activation of the magnetization cycle. The 0.2 mm threshold value prevents any “open field magnetization” to grant the operator safety and it immediately halts the machine functions in case of mold detachment.
Lower Resin Level
Special epoxy resin with high thermal and dynamic resistance is used to seal the magnetic circuit. The under surface level positioning helps to stabilize the temperature and to avoid any possible “air-gap” in case of micro expansions.
Fcs Sensor
To check the value of the magnetic flux saturation reached by some poles and to enable the machine work.
Locating Ring
For a quick and precise mold set up

The Advanced Of Quick Mold Change System EPPLC

Realmagnetic EPPLC is the most complete answer to JIT (Just In Time) and SMED (Single Minute Die Exchange) in all advanced manufacturing process to face smaller production batches and wider product ranges, by offering.
Better quality in molding
Reduction of machine down time
Materials saving
Power saving
Safe use
Simple operation
NO Additional costs(include maintain)
Use of long-term
Improve the performance of the injection machine and max. use of space

Stamping Machine Electric Permanent Magnetic Quick Mold Change Clamping

EPST Series
★It can use for any punch,any cutting block.
★Reduction of machine down time.
★Depth of magnetic flux is 18mm.
★Just push the button some seconds,then it can work.
★No electric power supply during clamping.
★No additional costs(include Maintain)

Clamping Machine Electric Permanent Magnetic Quick Mold Change Clamping

EPCL Series
Fully produce as request, it can cover or remodel the platen of the machine.

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