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Realpower Magnetic Industry Co.,limited. is a lifting magnet, lift magnet manufacturer produces magnetic tools magnetic clamp and magnetic assembles. We can design many magnetism clamps, supply magnetism system designing, subject designing and consultation of magnetism materials. Company’s professional knowledge can offer the best help and service to the backward customers. The custom lifting magnets, lift magnets, permanent lifting magnet, industrial lifting magnet, electro lifting magnet products are used for electrical machine, mechanisms, mould, machining, etc industry field and many mechanisms. They are also used for family, office, marketed.

Lifting magnet
The most practical, safe and economical way to lift ferrous loads
Realmagnetic's Lifter are a real revolution in magnetic handling of ferrous loads. ...

Lifting magnet
Use the LM-B SERIES to move plate steel, block or round steel, and iron material in your shop. Super-powerful lifting magnet requires no electricity. It's perfect for loading...

lifting magnet
Compact execution with high lifting power
Compact and light lifting tool for safe, easy and quick transport...

lift magnet
Beam Clamping Modules
The beam clamping modules have been developed over a period of time working in conjunction on ships such as the “European Diplomat” and the “Isle of Arran”....

lift magnet
LM ES Series
Single Electric Permanentl ifting Magnet ...

lift magnet
LM EM series
Electro-Permanent Magnetic System ...

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