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Realpower Magnetic Industry Co.,limited. is a permanent magnetic chuck manufacturer produces magnetic tools magnetic clamp and magnetic assembles. We can design many magnetism clamps, supply magnetism system designing, subject designing and consultation of magnetism materials. Company’s professional knowledge can offer the best help and service to the backward customers. The custom permanent magnetic chucks products are used for electrical machine, mechanisms, mould, machining, etc industry field and many mechanisms. They are also used for family, office, marketed.

Pole extension  
permanent magnetic chuck

To accommodate workpiece geometry and allow 5-side machining,Made of cold-drawn steel, the pole raisers can be machined to any shape. The table shows an extract from our standard range. Can be supplied with specific machined dimensions, prepared for costumer‘s workpiece dimension

permanent magnetic chucks

Rigid, for fixed support.

Mechanically flexible,
for light components.

Flexible Pole Raisers
Spring loaded in axial direction.
For clamping of rugged workpieces
with bended shapes. Suitable
for reaching evenness in a first
set up.

Fixed Pole Raisers
Profiled shapes possible.
Workpiece is pulled down
by magnetic forces. Suitable
for reaching high parallelity.


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