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Rectangle permanent magnetic chuck

With transverse pole pitch, neodymium-magnets, enhanced holding force
Heavy machining, such as milling and planing.
The dense, concentrated magnetic field enables
it to be used for small, medium and large
workpieces, including those with rough or
uneven surfaces. The magnetic field is without
any stray fields, preventing magnetization of
the tool.
Exceptionally strong neodymium magnetic
system. ON-OFF control by means of hand
lever. In the OFF position, a weak opposing
field eases the removal of the workpiece. The
magnets are equipped with longitudinal and
transverse stop rails.
Laminations 3 mm brass / 12 mm steel.
Suitable for use with laminated topplates:
Nominal holding force: 150 N/cm2
Magnetic field height: 12 mm
Pole plate wearing limit: 5 mm



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