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Realpower Magnetic Industry Co.,limited. is a ferrite magnet, hard ferrite magnet manufacturer produces magnetic tools magnetic clamp and magnetic assembles. We can design many magnetism clamps, supply magnetism system designing, subject designing and consultation of magnetism materials. Company’s professional knowledge can offer the best help and service to the backward customers. The custom ferrite magnets, hard ferrite magnets products are used for electrical machine, mechanisms, mould, machining, etc industry field and many mechanisms. They are also used for family, office, marketed.

Samarium Cobalt
Materials include both Rare-Earth Magnets and Non- Rare-earth Magnets. Rare-Earth Magnets are of higher performance while Non- Rare-Earth Magnets are of cheaper price. Real magnetic always tries to provide its customers appropriate materials according to their actual requirements.
ferrite magnet, hard ferrite magnet


Specifications For SAMARIUM COBALT

Grade Remanence
Intrinsic Coercivity (iHc) Max. Energy Product
Max. Operating Temperature (oC) Density
S17 (1:5)
8.2KGs 7.5KOe 15.0KOe 16~18MGOe 250oC 8.2
S19 (1:5)
8.5KGs 7.8KOe 15.0KOe 18~20MGOe 250oC 8.2
S22 (2:17)
9.0KGs 8.0KOe 15.0KOe 20~22MGOe 250oC 8.2
S22H (2:17)
Sm (Co,Cu,Fe,Zr)
9.0KGs 8.0KOe 18.0KOe 20~22MGOe 250oC 8.2
S24 (2:17)
9.5KGs 8.5KOe 15.0KOe 22~24MGOe 300oC 8.3
S24H (2:17)
9.5KGs 8.5KOe 18.0KOe 22~24MGOe 350oC 8.3
S26 (2:17)
10.0KGs 9.0KOe 15.0KOe 24~26MGOe 300oC 8.3
S26H (2:17)
10.0KGs 9.0KOe 18.0KOe 24~26MGOe 350oC 8.3
S26SH (2:17)
10.0KGs 9.0KOe 20.0KOe 24~26MGOe 350oC 8.3
S28 (2:17)
10.5KGs 9.5KOe 15.0KOe 26~28MGOe 300oC 8.3
S28H (2:17)
10.5KGs 9.5KOe 18.0KOe 26~28MGOe 350oC 8.3
S28SH (2:17)
10.5KGs 9.5KOe 20.0KOe 26~28MGOe 350oC 8.3
S30 (2:17)
10.8KGs 10.0Koe 15.0KOe 28~30MGOe 300oC 8.3

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